The Last Story is the Next Evolutuion
Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 3:42PM
Ernie in games, rpg, the last story, wii

Role playing games? *yawn* I haven't played a good one in ages. Maybe there have been some released, but on their surface, none of them have gotten me hyped enough to go out and buy a copy. The last RPG I played through was Demon's Souls, which was awesome because it added some elements we've never seen before in an RPG. Aside from that, I'm sick of seeing the same thing over and over in these RPGs, aren't you?

That's why when I saw this trailer for Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi's The Last Story, I perked up a bit. Maybe there's hope for this bludgeoned horse after all. The esteemed Sakaguchi-san, who's behind what used to be my favorite game series is trying to redefine the genre with this title that mixes real-time action, a cover system, some crazy targeting system, guns, swords, magic, and an ass-kicking soundtrack. I think that's enough to get me playing. Only major drawback? Wii exclusive. ARGH, damned Wii!

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