Fractured Soul Puts Dual Screens to Good Use
Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 2:17PM
Ernie in endgame studios, fractured soul, games, nintendo 3ds, nintendo ds

When the Nintendo DS debuted way back, I was skeptical. I thought Nintendo was trying to push an unnecessary trend into the handheld console market just to be innovative and different.

Here we are years later, and I still find myself questioning the dual screens. Though I don't think I can blame Nintendo for my doubt, this one probably lays on the developers. Nintendo offers you not one blank canvas, but two, and yet you refuse to use it to any brow-raising avail. Sure there were some interesting things done with the dual screens. Most of the time though, it felt as if a game was just shoehorning a touch mechanic into the thick of things, sometimes adding a layer of needless complexity. Handheld consoles to me, first and foremost, are about simplicity. 

That's what caught my eye about Fractured Soul. It's like two side-scrolling platformers in one, with each of the DS' screens acting as it's own stage. If the hazards and enemies on one screen overwhelm you, hit a button and switch to the other screen to duck 'em. Nice! From the looks of things though, both screens will be chock full of difficulty, so don't think screen-switchin' is your easy button. Man up, son. Attack those enemies like you got a pair!

Enjoy what appears to be the maddening difficulty presented in this trailer. Also, dat music. I'm hoping the whole game has a soundtrack like this. Don't let me down, EndGame.


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