Duke Nukem Forever, Soon?
Friday, September 3, 2010 at 1:55PM
Ernie in 2k games, duke nukem forever, games, gearbox, news

The first big news out of PAX '10 is that Duke Nukem Forever is alive and well. 2K Games has confirmed the on-again off-again perpetual life-supported title will be released after being tossed in a bin and killed earlier this year. The underdeveloped test tube corpse of Duke Nukem Forever will be placed in Gearbox Software's laboratory, where millions of fans who have been waiting for a decade and a half, hope that a playable game can be salvaged. If Duke Nukem Forever ends up being three quarters of the game Borderlands is, I'll be thrilled.

I never have high hopes for highly publicized projects that start and stop production, die and are resurrected. Sadly, we see it happen a few times, with titles that start off having so much promise, but when they're finally released they're underwhelming shells of their former glory. Duke Nukem 3D could be the title that got me to fully appreciate and love first person shooters, so needless to say, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Forever, for what seems like forever. 

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