Dude Steals 3DS, Has Photo Shoot
Monday, January 3, 2011 at 6:48PM
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Apparently, some dude in China stolen Nintendo's latest high tech portable right off the production line. Like any quick-thinking geek, the factory worker had a nice little photo shoot with his new illegal toy, along with some Nintendo figures and older Gameboy and DS hardware incarnations, which may also possibly be illegal. Chinese factory worker, I salute you on your bravery, but also SMH at your stupidity. Unless of course, this just happens to be a PR stunt of some sort from Nintendo's side, which is a completely possible (and perhaps probable) scenario. 

I'm surprised at how small and sleek the 3DS looks when compared to it's predecessors. No release date or pricing information from Nintendo yet, but you can bet we'll get some details very soon. Unfortunately, I will not personally be able to deliver first hand impressions to you, good readers, as Nintendo seems to only be dealing with the big outlets when it comes to their prized handheld. You best believe I'll be your top source for stolen, second hand information though. 

Here is some ugly ass video of the 3DS being handled by the sticky fingered filcher. And don't forget to check the gallery for more shots of the 3DS' glamour shoot that you don't want to miss.

Nintendo 3DS Leaked (gallery) via Kotaku via TGBus

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