Say Hello to Two New Halo Games
Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 4:05PM
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The title may be stretching the truth. One new Halo game, and one rework of a classic. That's right! Let's start with the more exciting news: Halo 4. If you thought the series was done for you're rudely mistaken. Bungie's departure has not deterred Microsoft from pumping out more Master Chief, but that doesn't mean it will be any good. 343 Industries is still a relatively unknown, so Halo 4 could go either way of north or south. If gameplay is anything like the trailer (which it usually isn't) Halo 4 is looking a might bit like Dead Space 2, don't you think? No details or release date yet, outside of the Holiday 2012 window.

In addition to a brand new Halo game, comes an old classic. Halo: Combat Evolved, remastered into Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary to celebrate 10 years of incredible success to the date, with a release of November 15th, 2011. Halo Anniversary will feature the original campaign, reworked and retooled with the Halo: Reach engine, and will support online co-op only. The $40 purchase will get you 6 multiplayer maps from the original Halo, which will be used in Reach's matchmaking multiplayer. Map names haven't been confirmed yet, but I will say this: no Hang 'em High, no buy. It's really that simple. 

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