Shank 2: Revenge Returns
Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 4:11PM
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was one of my favorite downloadable games released last year. The art, animation, music, and gory, stylized action was too much for me to turn down. I knew the game sold well, much deserved too, but I honestly didn't expect this: Shank 2. Fuck, yes. 

Apparently, developers Klei have reworked just about everything from the ground up without sacrificing that certain je ne sais quois (see: viscera) that made the original a blast to play. Aside from added weapons and control tweaks which make the game better to play (full 360-degree shooting) there are also some logical advancements in gameplay such as the inclusion of counter-attacks and better thought out platforming. Neither of these inclusions are critical, but it's nice to know Klei is dedicated to mastering their little Southwestern gold mine of revenge. Also, co-op survival mode, because why the hell not? My only dislike thus far is that the initial trailer for Shank 2 seems very uninspired, especially considering this trailer for the original that gave me chills, yo.

Destructoid was lucky enough to spend some hands on time with Shank 2, and come away from the splatterfest with good vibes. However I need no preview, I've been sold on this sequel since August of last year. If you've yet to play the original, it be on sale for 600MSP (marked down from 1200MSP) on Xbox LIVE Arcade, so I suggest you buy the hell out of it. 

Shank 2 is set for early next year on XBLA, PSN, and PC. So Klei, are we going to see a Brock Samson skin this time around?

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