Kratos Returns For the First Time in God of War: Ascension
Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 1:30PM
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Kratos striking his best Jesus Christ Pose on the (unfinalized) box art of God of War: Ascension

I was not an early adopter of the PlayStation 3. In fact, to this day I still favor Xbox 360 over Station Play The Third. There is a slim chance that I may not even own a PS3 had it not been for God of War 3. So compelled by the first two entries of the series, I promptly went down to my local GameStop (*shudder*) and purchased $325 worth of Sony, along with God of War Collection and God of War 3 on its day of release. Kratos literally has me by the balls, a move I would not put past him when engaged in battle. 

So here comes God of War: Ascension. Those of you who played God of War 3 to completion now may be wondering: wtfmate? Kratos' story should be over, but there is no way that Sony lets this moneymaker go silently into the night. What better way to "continue" the story without ruining it all than by creating a prequel. A prequel in which Kratos is an unstoppable Spartan general? A prequel in which players can create their own Spartan and take him into war against other created warriors? THIS.. IS.. A GOOD IDEAAAAA!! Don't mind me, I'm just bloggin' y'all.

Be sure to check PlayStation.Blog on Monday April 30 for a bunch of developer-selected user-submitted questions about God of War: Ascension. What do y'all think about another God of War? Money grab, or i it really what PS3 owners want?

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