A Few Seconds of Mark of the Ninja Impresses
Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 7:59PM
Ernie in klei, klei entertainment, mark of the ninja, trailers, xbla, xbox360

What we have here is a very short sample of what we can expect from Mark of the Ninja, Klei Entertainment's next release. On the heels of Shank 2, which I expected so much more from, Klei has decided to shift gears to the rarely explored 2D stealth genre, which seems a bit illogical following two B-movie inspired gore fests. Before I sound too much like I'm complaining, I should point out I'm melting at every sight and sound of Mark of the Ninja. Why? Let's see:

1. Ninjas
2. Choose your own play style: kill em all or kill no one at all
3. Klei's incredible signature art and animation
4. Ninjas
5. Ridiculously ambient soundtrack, judging from the trailer

Many E3 accounts have pegged Mark of the Ninja as one of the best looking titles on the show floor, a fact that I'm not willing to dispute at this time. Thankfully, the title's release is right around the corner, with a solid date of 'Summer 2012' which I'm sure means September sometime. Hurry up and download to my Xbox, Ninja!

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