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    Rejoice! Rockstar San Diego Is Doing Things

    People are talking out there in the gaming world. They're saying Rockstar San Diego is doing things, like working on a new title. You know Rockstar San Diego, right? The guys responsible for Red Dead Redemption. Okay, now you may commence the fellating.

    Sometimes I feel like a man alone when it comes to the harsh judgement I rain down on Rockstar. It's not because my contrarian view makes me feel like a trendy hipster, nor is it that I enjoy writing off the successful top dogs, in all honesty, I just don't like the extent of a simulation all Rockstar branches are turning open world games in to. 

    Grand Theft Auto IV and Read Dead Redemption are great games. You know what's an even better game though? Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It wasn't afraid to have fun and take itself lightly, and it turned out to be one of be most memorable and unique experiences of my gaming career. And the action wasn't too bad either. Not only do games like GTA IV and RDR feel like they're trying to be more of a sim than an action game, in the process they lose a bit of charm that were set by the sandbox trailblazers such as the original Grand Theft Auto, which had more personality in one city block than GTA4 did the entire campaign mode. Except for Little Jacob and Brucie, those dude saved the game. 

    Sorry, I'm getting off track. Back to the topic, Rockstar San Diego says their new project is going to "blow gamers away", their words. Good to see you're tempering people's expectations Rockstar, that's always a good thing. I predict a new open world game that mixes American history and the Tamagatchi, called Underground Railroad, where you lead Abraham Lincoln against the confederate armies of Cold War Russia. And remember, if you don't feed your Abe every 8 hours, he'll die and you'll lose your save! I'm sure that idea would blow a few gamers away, no?

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