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    L.A. Noire's Second First Trailer

    Rockstar is billing this L.A. Noire trailer as it's first, but I have to respectfully disagree, as there was a trailer released almost four years ago, which we jogged your memory with earlier this week. 

    Technicalities aside, L.A. Noire looks astounding. The photorealism captured in the characters is on a new level it seems, not only in the minute facial details, but the expressions and how they convey exactly what the character is feeling, as paralleled by their voice. It creates a lovely bond between the player and the characters, allowing you to easier feel for them during their anxiety, pain, and happiness. Rockstar makes a point to mention that the entire trailer is comprised of in-game footage, and can you blame them? I don't know if I've seen a game that looks quite this good.

    Of course, it's about more than just OMGRAPHIX. The game needs depth, it needs to play solidly and have a kick ass storyline to match its vanity. Is a 1947, realistic Los Angeles, GTA-sandbox adventure going to cut it? I say no, but the masses would disagree. There's also mention of a detective mechanic of sorts, which would make sense, seeing as how you take the role of a gumshoe doing his thing amongst a corrupt LAPD

    If you notice, there's some the grit to the vocal tracks, as if they weren't recorded with the newest, clearest mics and mixers, which I like. It suits the piece well, but it doesn't suit the visuals. Since clearly they don't plan to present the game in black and white or even desaturated colors, a film grain or element of roughness is needed on the visual side to match the aural. Either that, or get clean voices. I say go with the former. Fortunately, that's a quick fix, which I hope Team Bondi has waiting for us. Right?

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