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    Fable III Initiates Operation: Pre-Order

    Lots of new Fable III tidbits floating around the web this week, folks. There's the game's opening cinematic, which we'll touch on later. More importantly, Lionhead Studios is ramping up the release of it's opus in one of the most interesting ways possible; by allowing you to create your own in-game non-player character!

    Visiting Fable III's Villager Creator will prompt you to answer a few questions to establish your NPC's background. Once that's set, you have a limited number of hair, headwear, and clothing options to jazz up your townie. Finally, choose a voice for your creation and a villager is born! It's a cool time killer if you don't plan on buying Fable III, however if you do, and you pre-order, you'll be able to import your villager into the game. Once you fire the game up, the product of your five minutes of labor will offer your Fable protagonist money, information, and possibly indecent sexual proposals. Schwing

    And now onto the trailer, which you can view below. It's kinda like the movie Up; presented well, well animated, and well written, with an underlying tone of sadness.  I'm not sure what the trials and tribulations of a dead-chicken-flying have to do with uprising and overturning a dictator, but hey.. What do I know? I'm just a broke-ass, volatile, incorrigible flirt and sex addict (according to Fable III's Villager Creator.)

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