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    Left 4 Dead Space 2

    EA's multiplayer reveal for Dead Space 2 looks pretty good, if not familiar. It's basically Left 4 Dead's multiplayer to a T. Remeber that mutation where gameplay was nothing but special infected versus the four survivors? Yeah, that's pretty much Dead Space 2's multiplayer.

    You'll play as a band of Isaacs also known as the engineers, and face off against a collective of Necromorphs, such as the agile, close-range pouncing type, the long-ranged noxious ooze spitting type, and the portly, mid-ranged vomit type. Seem familiar? Of course not. It's not a knock, the L4D multiplayer was great fun with a band of friends, with the added gore and Dead Space's feel and story, engineers vs. necromorphs should be a blast. The objective based versus component will retain many of the gameplay intricacies from the campaign mode, so you wont feel gimped trying to take down a pack of player controlled necromorphs.

    We've been assured that there will be several multiplayer game types, meaning hopefully we'll see some free-for-all deathmatches where engineers can dismember engineers. Make sure you check out GameTrailers TV for the full rundown of DS2's multi. 

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