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    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 New Challengers! Taskmaster and Akuma

    Further proving that no secret is safe on the interwebz, today Capcom has revealed two of their worst kept secrets; Taskmaster and Akuma. 

    Akuma has been hinted at pretty much forever, but was officially unofficially sealed last week when he was listed as a playable character on a retailers Marvel vs. Capcom 3 listing, with game artwork and all. Taskmaster was given up when MvC3 comic book artist put some of his work on his online portfolio, which included art of Taskmaster, and Galactus as well (though he hasn't been announced -- yet). 

    Akuma is Akuma. People can argue all day whether or not he's a Ryu clone, and whether his inclusion is a waste of a roster spot. I read something a few weeks ago that stated Akuma has been in every Versus title to date, as well as being the first crossover character to appear in one of my favorite all time fighters, X-Men: Children of the Atom. Maybe he's just a sentimental choice at this point, but regardless, I don't see myself playing too much Akuma. 

    Taskmaster on the other hand, woo-wee, he's looking hotter than some fresh baked biscuits! He's got a bevy of attacks to compliment all his weapons, as well as shield deflecting functions and all that jazz! Of course, as a muscle mimic, he'd be incomplete without a way to steal his enemies moves, which is both awesome and accounted for. 

    Everything is starting to fall into place for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. People are growing more excited as release nears. Even the God of Thunder himself can't stop talking

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