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    Infinity Blade Gets Dated, Priced, Sliced

    Get used to swiping the hell out of your iOS device with your finger, because you will be doing a lot of simulated slicing come December 9th, when Chair Entertainment and Epic Games unleash Infinity Blade.

    The beautiful action RPG will run you $5.99 on the App Store, weighing in well below the $9.99 I thought the price point would be. For a six buck entry fee, it'll be hard not to pass Infinity Blade up, that is unless you don't have an iOS device. Or hands. Sorry bro. 


    Infinity Blade is Full of Hot DAMN!

    Earlier this week we gave you a look at Infinity Blade, the Unreal Engine 3 powered iOS game that looks like nothing we've seen on the iPhone before. Those were pictures and a loose release date. This is ice cold video, baby. 

    Hot DAMN, this game looks good. I mean it's no fart app, but it's close. My one concern would be the lack of movement during battle. It looks like dragging across the screen makes your character attack in real time, but there's no movement during a battle. The limitations of control are understandable, but if you can't move, shouldn't there be an attack timer? We need to know more, now!  


    Infinity Blade Coming to iOS This Holiday Season

    Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment have announced that their mobile title for iOS, previously known as Project Sword, will release this holiday season under the finalized title of Infinity Blade

    The sword and shield, castle-faring, full 3D action RPG looks like it's raising the bar on iOS graphics. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, Infinity Blade is said to feature an intuitive combat interface and simple touch controls. 

    Aside from the campaign mode, which features fun, furious, adrenaline-fueled sword battles, and large scale boss fights, players will gain experience, level their stats, and find more powerful items and weapons as they battle on. Free content will be added after the game's launch, which will add multiplayer and Game Center support amongst other things.

    There's no denying the graphics are amazing, but the controls on the iPhone's screen are what truly worries me. Sure the exploration of Epic Citadel felt intuitive, but once you throw in sword fighting and possible spell-weaving, things become infinitely more complex. 

    No exact release date or price has been announced yet, but keep it locked for more Infinity Blade news as it surfaces.