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    OK Let's GO: Pre-Purchase the Latest Counter-Strike on Steam

    I feel like I've already used that "OK Let's GO" bit in a prior article but I don't care - it's a good line. 

    Valve has announced today that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is available for pre-purchase on Steam; and doing just that will net you some benefits. For those of you with a weak grip on your grip, CS:GO can be had for 10% less than its normal price: $13.49 as opposed to $14.99. That's $1.50 that you could use on a bag of chips or something. Go on, indulge yourself. 

    The additional benefit is early access to the beta on August 14, a full week before the title's proper release, and plenty of time to get your DEagle shined, primed, and aligned for the couple hundred thousand you should expect to face off against in the following months.

    As alluded, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive releases on August 21. Good times to follow.