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    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: Fanboy Heaven

    Written by John Rios

    Admittely, I'm a Transformers geek of Unicronian proportions. I have a collection of Transformers from the 80’s to the present day - both sealed and opened, an Autobots tattoo, and even had figures of Optimus Prime and Arcee in tux and dress atop my wedding cake when I tied the knot. So as you can imagine, being tasked to review this game without bias is a huge undertaking, but here we go..

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    War for Cybertron Sequel Confirmed!

    Transformers: The War for Cybertron
     was a surprisingly good game, that brought much enjoyment to Team OBG through it's campaign and competitive multiplayer modes. There is reason for excitement then, since Hasbro has announced High Moon Studios are on board for the sequel, set for 2012.

    I can't turn down Transformers beating the Energon out of each other, especially during Cybertron's gritty civil war. It will be interesting to see where High Moon takes the sequel, as the end of War for Cybertron seemed to set the stage for Generation 1. I have faith that Transformer nerds everywhere will be pleased, and this sequel will make up for the disappointfest that is Michael Bay's Transformers.

    Post script: Activision, I can understand overpricing for Call of Duty DLC, for the prices you're charging for War for Cybertron DLC is criminal. Fix that, kthx.