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    Just Another Gear in Valve's World Domination Machine

    The other day I watched the latest of Valve's shorts, called 'Meet the Pyro'. You see, Team Fortress 2, like many of Valve's other games, has a huge following of die-hard fans who do everything from watching at its very basic, to modding the living shit out of anything and everything related to the game. So they release these short films that explain the cast of very literal characters that star in this blockbuster. Each and every of these shorts are incredibly well done in every way, so much that at times I'm forced to step back, scratch my head, and say "Hot damn, how the fuck do they work this magic?" Well, here are answers. 

    Valve has a little something called the Source Filmmaker, which takes footage from any Source game (Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Half Life 2, etc) and allows you to edit it in just about any cinematic way you can dream up. It's quite incredible what the tool allows you to do in real time; change animations, change lighting, you name it and I'm pretty sure it can be done. The Source Filmmaker is currently in beta, but you can get in on the fun - as well as learn more about what you can do with the tool - by signing up at the Source Filmmaker homepage.

    Valve just knocks everything out of the park. Everything they do turns to gold. Except for the that collaboration with Adult Swim. Seriously guys? Two of the most ass-kicking entities in media and all you could come up with was a fucking Robot Chicken hat? Xaro Xhoan Weaksauce. 


    The Tommy Wi-show is Kicking!

    Side kicks. It's what Tommy does second best. Sex scenes is the obvious number one.

    In the first installment of Machinima's The Tommy Wi-show, watch the sexy Frenchman (or is he Canadian? South African? Chilean?) put his mangled digits to good work in the ultimate test: the battle of Mortal Kombat. It is not easy for Tommy, even as the best player on the Planet Earth. However, up to any challenge, an exciteable T.W. exclaims, "yah you haf to do hard way for sure!"

    You're my favorite customer, Tommy. Can't wait to see what he'll play next.

    Bonus! Tommy vs. Freddy. Monster! Baster.


    Tommy Wiseau is Relevant to All Our Interests

    O hai everyone! Here is some good news that will not tear you apart: Tommy Wiseau is teaming up with Machinima to create some kind of crazy video game related web series. The handsome and talented Wiseau - star of cult classic The Room - has been relatively quiet outside of his slightly disappointing one-off The House That Drips Blood on Alex, so for the man to return to the scene with a project related to gaming is big news! If you have no idea who Tommy Wiseau is, I suggest you watch The Room right this instant. Your life will be that much better afterwards, trust me. 

    The Tommy Wi-show will air weekly, and follow Tommy "as he is repeatedly abducted by different races of mysterious aliens and transported to distant planets, where he is forced to test popular video games." Surely this will not be a complete and utter flop. Surely. 

    The series begins on September 26, keep an eye on Machinima to get your fix. Or you can rewind dat ass back to OBG, because this is not the last you will hear of this unholy cacophony of terribly superb acting and popular video games.

    So, what's new with you?

    via Joystiq