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    The Last Story Gets Online, Customization

    Wii-xclusive action RPG The Last Story continues to move toward its January 27th release date in Japan while periodically reminding us here in the West how awesome it's going to be.. And that we don't have a finalized release date for it yet! 

    Andriasang gives us a recent update on Nintendo's upcoming hotness, which will include 6-player online cooperative and competitive modes, orchestrated through the in-game "Raid Lobbies". The cooperative mode allows you to pick your favorite character, and face off against giant baddies with 5 teammates. The competitive mode allows you to pick your favorite character and face off against 5 of your teammates. Everyone is a winner! The implementation of online play in what already looks to be a kick ass adventure saddens me a bit that The Last Story wont make an appearance on PS3 or 360, though I suppose any reason to fire up the Wii is a good reason. 

    Customization will be a big part of The Last Story, as your character's appearance will change as you add different pieces of armor and new weapons. You'll even be able to recolor your equipment to put a very personal spin on the fashionable gang.

    That's pretty much all the details there are regarding multiplayer and customization thus far, but as the game is just two months away, I'm sure we'll be hearing more very soon. An English announcement can't come soon enough.