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    Hyperbolic Statement: The Old Republic Will Blast Faces Off

    As another gaming con concludes, another Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer graces our unworthy, fleshy presences. The latest tease job from our future benevolent overlords at BioWare, comes not in the form of barn-burning animated fight scenes, but instead submerges us in the lore of The Old Republic.

    An oddly composed party of four stand before an imperial officer, who preps the crew on their mission at hand. The basis of the forthcoming mission widens the eyes of both gamers and geeks alike; Darth Revan. A conversation wheel appears, the player makes his choice, the character relays the player's thoughts, and we're off to battle.

    The fighting is smooth, the voice acting is top notch, and the story is rich and fulfilling. These are the things we know and/or can assume, seeing as how BioWare can rarely do wrong, and we've seen their union with Lucasarts leads to things of an awesome nature. The inclusion of Darth Revan will reel in KotOR and Star Wars fanboys alike, and in the off chance that Revan doesn't have you pitching a tent, well maybe the blood red rust of HK-47 in glorious HD will?


    GC10: The Old Republic's Space Battles

    Space battles are awesome; it's a proven fact. Space shooter sequences will give anything you throw them in instant credibility. They're fun, flashy, fast, and more times than not, pretty tricky to complete. 

    The space battles thrown into the mix in BioWare's latest Star Wars offering, The Old Republic look fairly simple. You head in one direction, on rails, blowing up whatever is threatening your ship and weaving through asteroid fields. Simple, yes, but a welcome change of pace in the MMO landscape that seems to be same old thing game in and game out.

    A few things I'd love to get some clarification on: How customizable your ship is, will you be able to install upgrades that affect the space battle segments, and what happens if and when your ship is finally destroyed. 

    I don't know how BioWare expects us to wait until next year for this game. 


    DC Universe Online Gets An Epic Trailer

    DC Universe Online aka Operation Mind Fuck.

    After teasing us with a minute long trailer, which made me go wild with speculation, Sony has now released a full six minute trailer which expands upon their original teaser. DCU Online is giving The Old Republic's CG trailers a run for their money in the epic department.

    So, my original guess of alternate realities in DCU Online was way off. It's cool though, there's no more need for guesswork and speculation because this six minutes of awesome pretty much establishes DCU Online's story, and does so in the most mind-bending ways possible. 

    Who do you trust?


    E3: Star Wars The Old Republic: Hope

    Like I said before, LucasArts knows how to do trailers when it comes to this Star Wars thing. In what is the Yin to the original The Old Republic trailer's Yang, this cinematic entitled Hope is gorgeous. And this time, the good guys win!

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