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    Sideway is Getting Up on a PS3 Near You!

    There is a distinct lack of urban underground culture games. The idea is rarely thought up, and even more rarely successful. The last game in this vein I remember is Marc Ecko's Getting Up, which was a flawed yet enjoyable bit of the city underground. Before that was the benchmark, Jet Grind Radio, which has yet to come close to being touched by anything similar. Are these the only two games that have implemented some sort of hip hop and graffiti as gameplay staples? Note: the God awful Def Jam games DO NOT count. 

    Well watch out underground heads, because here comes Sideway. In clear contrast to the movie of similar nomenclature which centered around wine tasting or some shit, Sideway revolves around the big city and the lovely wall art that lives within. It looks like your classic platformer with the fresh twist of controlling a 2D character stuck in a 3D world. The protagonist - who writes Nox - has happened upon a bit of a misfortune, and now has become graffiti himself. 

    Apparently, Sideway was playable at Comic Con, and I missed it. Fail. Oh well, looks like I'll have to wait until release! Rumor says it'll sell at $9.99 on PSN this Summer. For more, check out the PlayStation blog.