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    Let's See Siri Try This: Scribblenauts Remix for iOS

    If you own a Nintendo DS and have never played either of the Scribblenauts titles, shame on you. The premise is simple: you're tasked to clear a challenge with nothing but the English language to aid you. Need to cross a large gap? Type bridge, and voila. Attacked by a zombie? Type sword, problem solved. The real fun lies in getting creative with your solutions. The dictionary is expansive, so most anything you type will appear. Dinosaurs, robots, businessmen, jet packs, basketballs, Draculas, even a Keyboard Cat. The dictionary is your weapon, use it to great hilarity. 

    This ain't no review. But this is. iPhone gaming hub Touch Arcade has raved about Scribblenauts Remix in their write-up, calling it a greatest hits of the Scribblenauts series, optimized for iOS. Or something along those lines. I believe them, yo. After mucking around with the DS version to side-splitting results, I can't wait to download Remix. At a $5 buy in, this shouldn't be missed by fans of problem solving, Mad Libs, and plain stupidity.