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    The Game Dealer, From the Makers of Game Dev Story 

    Game Dev Story is a solid, solid iOS game purchase. In it, you own a development company, and you must micromanage a dumbed down game development process from hiring staff and freelancers, to attending game expos. Simple, addictive fun.

    I'm thrilled to hear today that Kairosoft, Game Dev's devs, have released a spiritual successor to the sleeper hit called Wai Wai! The Game Dealer. In it you, you guessed it, manage a retail game store. PROTIP: Naming your game store GameStop will immediately bankrupt you and instantaneously cause you to lose the game, and your iOS device to explode in your hands. 

    No localization plans have been announced yet (sorry to burst your bubble), but here's to hoping Kairosoft brings the addictive sim stateside, albeit with less Wais in the title.

    via Destructoid