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    It Ain't Summer 'til The Summer of Arcade Says So

    Xbox LIVE Arcade's Summer of Arcade promotions are always a good time. How they work are, Microsoft pools together a bunch of games, releases them weekly, and gives you a portion of your spending back if you buy multiple titles. There are a total of 5 games to be released between July and August, and a few of them look pretty damn snazzy. As your special bonus, should you buy any 3 of the Summer of Arcade titles, you'll get a whopping 400 Microsoft points back. Hooray for incentives! Breakdown to follow:

    • July 18 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD - 1200 MSP
    • July 25 - Wreckateer - 800 MSP
    • August 1 - Deadlight - 1200 MSP
    • August 8 - Hybrid - 1200 MSP
    • August 15 - Dust: An Elysian Trail - 1200 MSP

    Of the above, the two I'm most interested in getting play time with are Hybrid and Deadlight. Hybrid because of its dummyproof-however-refreshing take on the cover-based shooter genre, that kind of looks like the bastard child of Halo and Gears. Sure it sounds like every other game in the over-saturated genre, but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. And Deadlight mostly due to its wonderful zombie-meets-Limbo aesthetic, gorgeous visuals, animation, and strong focus on delivering a satisfying narrative with comic inspired cut scenes. Trailers for the two are included below. What do you got on these, folks?


    Logical Progression: Create Scribblenauts, then Create Futuristic Shooter

    5th Cell, the minds behind the incredibly cutting edge Scribblenauts series for Nintendo DS, have just revealed their next project, a futuristic shooter named Hybrid

    A huge departure from the colorful, kid-friendly world of Scribblenauts, Hybrid seems to fit the mold of a Vanquish or Crysis in the teaser trailer; bleak urban setting, fancy super suit, and soldiers performing crazy feats of superhuman agility, guns a'blazing.

    Why 5th Cell decided to take their new IP to the overdone genre is beyond me. Though as innovative as the Scribblenauts series is, hopefully they'll discover a way to make this Xbox Live Arcade exclusive stand apart from the truckload of similar titles out there.