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    Undead Nightmare's Poetic Multiplayer Trailer

    Taking a page from Poe, Rockstar rhymes the details of Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare's multiplayer mode, Undead Overrun. Zombies haven't been this artsy since Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Or the Williamsburg Zombie Prom from 2009. Damn hipsters.


    NYCC10: Hands On With Undead Nightmare

    I make my feelings for Rockstar no secret; I enjoy and respect their work and the effort they make. Their games are always so full of life and brimming over with content, however the departure from their light-hearted roots concerned me. C'est la vie, you can't please all of the people all of the time, but Rockstar aims to please however many as possible with their games. So is Undead Nightmare a six feet under snooze or a howl at the moon?

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    Weekend Timekillers

    Time Killers is a once a week post dedicated to some quick and dirty images, videos, and miscellaneous links found out there on the interwebs. Mainly interesting and funny stuff that I don't get around to writing about, but are still worth a look. Enjoy this weekend's Time Killers.

    I'm Commander Shepard and this is my Favorite Garrus Vakarian Cosplay

    Custom Marvel Legends Galactus, Currently $76 on eBay

    Ahh! Real Metroids!

    Dreamcast VMU with an iPod Nano built in

    The $300 Metroid Prime Gunship is Money Well Spent

    Red Dead Pumpkin Carving

    The Origin of Acheivements


    Review: Red Dead Redemption

    A few years removed from spiritual predecessor Grand Theft Auto 4, Red Dead Redemption is Rockstar's latest offering in a long line of open world crime games. And while RDR is set some hundred-odd years before the GTA series, the setting may be the only major difference between games. Does this work in Redemption's favor or not? Read on to find out.

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