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    NYCC10: Look Ma, No Controller! Our Kinect Adventures

    Standing off to the side, we watched a couple play Kinect Adventures' River Rush while the possibly coked out Microsoft PR guy barked out commands and directed traffic with an unstable energy. He was a cool dude. 

    After almost being bored to death watching the team in front of us jump in place for the duration of the River Rush gameplay, without the very important peripheral mind you, it was our turn. I asked Honkey (this was the emcee's name, no lie) to let us get a crack at something a little more exciting. Unfortunately, Microsoft was limited to what they could let us play due to sponsoring (go figure) so we were stuck with Kinect Adventures, Kinect's very own Wii Sports. Like Wii Sports, there is nothing special to be seen, but it gives you the gist of how the system works.

    Team OBG had it's go at Rally Ball, a type of brick-breaker and soccer mash-up, that was a decidedly more exciting mini-game than River Rush. After a crash course in the controls, wait, what controls? Keeping 6-8 feet in front of the screen, leave the space of about one person between each other, and getting more points for using your head (such is life), we were ready to Rally Ball! 

    My reflexes were as responsive as a cat's, my movements as calculated as a ninja's, my strikes as precise as a surgeon's. If only the Kinect were able to detect them that way. Unfortunately, every move we made was a split second or more delayed on the screen. So while I was reacting to the ball at just the right time, my avatar was swinging and missing, badly. That ain't good.

    Once we took the lag into account, we got ourselves into a groove, albeit it a silly looking one. We were using our arms, legs, and yes, even our heads for extra points. I'll admit it was fun, but that's it. Kinect Adventures, like Wii Sports before it, is the girl (or guy) you hook up with for a night of anonymous fun. No long term potential at all, sorry. And that kind of sums up how I feel about Kinect in general. Milo looked awesome, until they dragged the poor kid into a back alley and offed him. Though even if Milo persisted, how long would you see yourself playing it? Me, not long at all. You gotta impress us, Kinect. Make believers of us, don't expect us to drink the Kool Aid

    Here's a protip, start off by making a zombie Milo game. I'm with that. 


    NYCC10: Hands On With Undead Nightmare

    I make my feelings for Rockstar no secret; I enjoy and respect their work and the effort they make. Their games are always so full of life and brimming over with content, however the departure from their light-hearted roots concerned me. C'est la vie, you can't please all of the people all of the time, but Rockstar aims to please however many as possible with their games. So is Undead Nightmare a six feet under snooze or a howl at the moon?

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    TGS 2010: Hey Pop Culture, Your Zombies are in My Yakuza Series

    , what? The cult favorite has taken a turn for the unexpected by focusing on zombies for the latest entry in the crime drama series, Yakuza Of The End. The news came about a few days ago but I was in too much of a dumbstruck awe to write anything intelligible on the subject. Even now, I'm fighting my hardest not to break down into a Neanderthalistic rage of nonsensical screaming. 

    The Yakuza series, which seemed more like a prime-time NHK drama than a game, with the addition of zombies and craziness of the sort, now seem more like a Takashi Miike movie than anything else. My first reaction to this marked new direction was a nice, hearty face palm.

    Now, a few days later, more information is leaking out and it makes me wonder if maybe Sega is taking Of The End down the zombie route for light hearted purposes. Aside from things like cybernetic Gatling gun arms, you'll be able to enjoy typical Yakuza mini-games, such as batting cages, ping pong with sexy ladies, karaoke, and of course, visiting the hostess bars.

    I won't write Of The End off yet, as much as I want to. With the game shifting to more shooter heavy play, and the possibility of four player co-op, there's still hope for this game.


    Zombie Mario is One Ugly Mama Mia

    Continuing the recent trend of throwing zombies in scenarios they don't belong, Flickr user mrksaari has successfully mashed up George Romero and Shigeru Miyamoto to create these Super Mario Brothers zombies. The whole gang is here; Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach. Unfortunately no zombie Bowser. That would possibly be too awesome to capture on photo.