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    Bioshock: Infinite Resurfaces in Latest Trailer

    I will admit, I've been worried about the fate of BioShock: Infinite. It's been months (maybe even a year and change) since we've last heard any good news regarding Irrational Games' latest blockbuster. Losing two, no, four developers being the only headlines the latest BioShock entry has made, things weren't looking very good up until a few days ago. The silence was broken last week when The Ultimate Songbird Edition was announced, a collectors treasure packed with just about everything: a 10" Songbird figure, Vigor bottle replica, lithograph, art book, mini Handyman figure, and an assortment of digital goods. Great! But I need just a little more visual confirmation that BioShock: Infinite is still on track.

    Well, that came just a few days later in a form of the latest trailer, which shows Booker doing marvelous things while Elizabeth offers and requires assistance in bouts. I'm so relieved Irrational continues to chug away at making this game look as incredible as promised (and teased) since day one, even after losing a handful of key developers. Of course, losing said developers could impact the game in ways that are not visible in trailer form, which would probably be the case as always. Hoping all turns out well, and we're treated to a bit of that magic and wonder that we know the BioShock series is capable of, developer hemorrhage or not.

    Pre-order BioShock: Infinite at Amazon (referral link)


    Allow Sir Hammerlock to Show You Around Borderlands 2

    Are you yet unfamiliar with what to expect in Borderlands 2? Well allow Sir Hammerlock to be your tour guide, taking you through much of the Borderlands with the most extensive, all encompassing trailer to date.

    Touched upon are the character classes, skills, utility, and of course the bazillion different weapon and grenade combinations. Looks like much to appreciate and little to hate, with a bazillion things to do, see, kill, create, and loot; everything I look for in a mate. At first I was like "." Now I'm all like "!" Borderlands 2 is looking like a pretty motha and I'm feeling MILFish, feel me? 

    While you're waiting, you know wubwub is still hot, right? Borderlands 2 releases on September 18


    The Darkness II is Coming, Jackie

    God damn, all these years later and I still can't get the God Mike Patton's rendition of the Darkness out of my head. Aside from the amazing vocals of Mr. Bungle, The Darkness was actually a solid game. 

    That's why it's such a pleasant surprise to hear, seemingly out of no where, that The Darkness II is on it's way. Shadow abilities, twisted storylines and visuals, all that good shit. Jackie and friend are sure to have learned some new tricks, like fucking quad-wielding weapons. Holy shit, that's a game changer. Rogues, berserkers, and Chow Yun Fat can suck it with their lame-ass ambidexterity.

    No word yet on whether or not Mike Patton will be reprising his role as the Darkness, but he damn well better. We've shot a missive to the proper folks and hope for a reply soon. Until then, embrace The Darkness, and enjoy the following screenshot. Singular screen, quadruple arms. 


    The Gameplay of Bioshock Infinite

    Today, the good folks at Irrational Games have opened to the public that which was only previously available to the press behind closed doors; Bioshock Infinite gameplay. 

    As much hype as Bioshock Infinite has been receiving since it's announcement, it would be a damn let down to have anything other than primo in-game action in this reveal, and Irrational knows it. So they went and gave us a huge ten minute chunk which looks to be taken right from the early stages of the game, and man, does it look polished. This is definitely a Bioshock game, as the action and use of 'plasmids' picks up right where it all left off in Rapture. The graphics are silky smooth and beautiful in action. The cartoonish art style, which seems to be gaining some popularity recently, spares no details and is beginning to grow on me. I can imagine the game handling very tightly and responding well to user commands, as the first Bioshock did under Irrational's watchful eye.

    I have some concerns with the game that I'll be sure to cover down the line, but right now, gameplay is not one of them. Irrational and 2K Games have definitely served their purpose well today, judging by the good amount of positive press this trailer has gotten. Let the injection of new Bioshock Infinite media continue!


    Duke Nukem Forever, Soon?

    The first big news out of PAX '10 is that Duke Nukem Forever is alive and well. 2K Games has confirmed the on-again off-again perpetual life-supported title will be released after being tossed in a bin and killed earlier this year. The underdeveloped test tube corpse of Duke Nukem Forever will be placed in Gearbox Software's laboratory, where millions of fans who have been waiting for a decade and a half, hope that a playable game can be salvaged. If Duke Nukem Forever ends up being three quarters of the game Borderlands is, I'll be thrilled.

    I never have high hopes for highly publicized projects that start and stop production, die and are resurrected. Sadly, we see it happen a few times, with titles that start off having so much promise, but when they're finally released they're underwhelming shells of their former glory. Duke Nukem 3D could be the title that got me to fully appreciate and love first person shooters, so needless to say, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Forever, for what seems like forever.