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    Is Lords of Shadow Worthy of the Castlevania Legacy?

    Hardcore Castlevania junkies like myself have some reason for excitement, as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was recently given a finalized release date; October 5th. With the date cemented in place, Konami has whipped up a casket of new media to give would-be vampire hunters a wooden stake in their pants. Of course, Castlevania purists may already be jaded by Lords of Shadow, but until we're able to actually play through the game, we have nothing to run on but speculation. So let's speculate, have at you

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    E3: Metal Gear Solid: Rising

    I haven't played a Metal Gear Solid game since the first half of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Go ahead and hate on that little fact. I enjoyed the hell out of the first MGS, but to me, they just seemed to tail off after that. I was underwhelmed with the first half of MGS2, and decided not to continue for two reasons; 1, because I played it at my friend's house, and 2, because I felt like I had better things to play. I had become disenchanted with the stealth action genre when the action aspect of it took a back seat. That's why I'm so excited for MGS: Rising.

    Kojima will do with this game what he does for his other games. Involved story, great cinematics (though hopefully more gameplay than cinematic this time around,) meticulous attention to detail. Add to the Kojima formula for success a few touches of awesome: swords, destructible environments, gore, bullet time. Yes, if Tomonobu Itagaki and Hideo Kojima made love, their child would look something like this.