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    SoulCalibur V Character Creation Rocks My World

    One of my favorite things to do in SoulCalibur IV was create characters. I spent hours and hours creating everyone from Batman and Joker, to Magneto, the cast of Samurai Champloo, even myself and all my friends. The character creation utility was not the most robust, but the sheer amount of clothing and armor options available meant it was possible to create just about anyone you could think of. It looks like Project Soul has outdone themselves this time.

    I realize this character creation trailer may be a hard trailer to watch, as it's a) upwards of 5 minutes long, and b) filled with silly Japanese humor, but sit through it, it's worth it. In addition to the wealth of armor and clothing that is no doubt available, you're now given an amazing level of control to finetune your character exactly as you'd like. Adjust individual body parts, place special customization pieces anywhere on your body or armor, change clothing colors and patterns, scale the patterns, change the color of your weapon effects, sky's the limit pretty much! In addition to creating new characters, you can even change existing characters to to fit whatever ridiculous standards you may hold them to. Mitsurugi in a leopard print dress? Ivy with a negative bra size? Go nuts! 

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the amount of characters one can create on a single profile. SoulCalibur IV was capped at 50, which was no where near enough. I've put the question out to Project Soul, so hopefully they respond with news. Regardless, SoulCalibur V is going to be dope, and the character creation only reinforces that. SCV drops on January 31, 2012. Save the date!

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    Soul Calibur V and Kicking Elderly Mitsurugi's Ass

    Am I the only one who can't wait to kick a septuagenarian Mitsurugi's ass? I love beating on elderly combatants in fighting games. What is your old ass doing in a fighting tournament? Go sit in a park somewhere! Just kidding, I love old people. Except when they come at me with a sharpened katana, which happens much too often.

    Listen to me, I'm talking crazy. God, I can't wait for SoulCalibur V, which will hopefully restore a shred of my sanity. 


    Soul Calibur V Welcomes You Back to the Stage of History

    I'm quite excited for the announcement of SoulCalibur V, which keeps one of my favorite fighting franchises running. Set 17 years after the conclusion of SoulCalibur IV, the latest entry in the series follows the son of Sophitia, Patroklos, as he no doubt sets out on an adventure that revolves around the Soul swords in some way.

    Aw yeah, I'm pumped. The Soul Calibur series not only managed to deliver a deep fighting experience with a whole assortment of interesting characters and exotic weapons, but what it offers outside of that is just as awesome. Unique game types and one of the most comprehensive character creation tools I've ever seen in a fighting game, in SoulCalibur IV. No word on if any of this will return in SoulCalibur V, but really, how could it not?

    Here are some images and a teaser for you to fawn over. The series' first sword-and-shield male is kind of a big deal. And before you say anything, no, Lizardman does not count.

    If enough people 'Like' Soul Calibur on Facebook, new artwork will be revealed at SoulCalibur's home on the web. Now, get busy!