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    Here's the Super Meat Boy Soundtrack Instead of a Sequel

    Just a mere ten minutes into Super Meat Boy and I knew I was head over heels for the downloadable platformer of nearly insurmountable difficulty. It's fun, addicting, and while hard, you will always know that you die because you done goofed, not because the game is cheap. 

    Sadly, the incredible work of art that is Super Meat Boy will not be seeing a sequel.. Yet. Speaking with Eurogamer, developers Team Meat have revealed that their next game will be a totally new IP. Fortunately, no where in the interview did Team Meat state that Super Meat Boy 2 won't happen somewhere down the line. That looks like a glimmer of hope to me! 

    In related-but-unrelated news, SMB's incredibly amping soundtrack is now available for download. You can name your own price, but you can't go any lower than $3.99, cheapskate. This is 33 jumpin' and heart pumpin' tracks, I think the least you could do is cough up five bucks. 

    Super Meat Boy Soundtrack


    Shank's Soundtrack is Killer


    I've been all about Shank the past few weeks, pacing back and forth like an unsatiated fiend waiting for my fix. And while I still have a little more than a day to wait before I dish out revenge in the form of style and pain, developers Klei has made the wait that much easier (or more painful) by releasing Shank's full soundtrack

    Listen to it. Even if you're not interested in this game, you should listen to it. This soundtrack could easily score Robert Rodriguez's next Mexican shoot'em-up. While it is possible to download each file individually (without proper metadata) Klei assures we'll have a full zip file very soon. Hopefully with some proper labeling and track numbering, but even if not, it's 13 tracks of quality music, for free. Can't complain. Can't wait to hear these tracks in context. Can't stop thinking about Shank.

    Shank - Original Video Game Soundtrack by Suite803