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    Super Meat Boy's Official Box Art

    Super Meat Boy is a game I grow to love more with each passing day. Team Meat hooked up with Magic: The Gathering artist Dave Rapoza to create the box art for Super Meat Boy's boxed PC edition. Loss for words. 

    Learn more about Super Meat Boy's "Special Edition" over at Team Meat's headquarters.


    Get Your Hands on a Vinyl Super Meat Toy


    Written by Eric Blackwood

    For those who enjoy the platformer Super Meat Boy, and/or vinyl toys, here’s a meaty treat. In April 2011, the Super Meat Boy vinyl toy will be on sale featuring two versions: normal, innocent faced Meat Boy and the PETA approved beat up version.

    Each variation will be limited to 250 pieces and priced at $39.99 so grab your Meat as soon as you can. Preorder it, or suffer the consequences of possibly not being able to get your hands on it forever! The figure stands at a respectable 8" tall and has adjustable arms, but unfortunately will not leave puddles of blood on your bookshelf. The full color box is designed by the awesome guys at Team Meat.

    If $40 is too stiff a price to pay for eight inches of Meat, Cubeecraft’s papercraft homage to our lovable chunk is still readily available for your delight. Click, download, print, cut, fold, enjoy. 


    Meaty Super Meat Boy Updates 

    Those wacky and lovable fellas at Team Meat are very close to rolling out an update for the incredibly awesome Super Meat Boy. The update will fix a few bugs that have plagued users, and to make up for the trouble, Team Meat is giving their adoring fans a brand new world!

    Teh Internets, as it's called, will feature new music and 20 new stages based on, you guessed it, the interwebz. I guess that means we can expect plenty of trolling, hardcore pornography, and racism to go along with the other pleasantries. And just like Teh Internets, it's free!

    That's a good look for Xbox gamers, but PC gamers get an even better look. Those who have patiently waited it out for the PC version will be heartily rewarded when the game releases during the last week of November. First of all, Mr. Minecraft will be an included character. If you haven't heard of Minecraft, where the hell have you been? Secondly, Mr. Minecraft is black?! Holla, equal opportunity! 

    Super Meat Boy on PC will have a bunch of other awesome additions, such as 5 characters not seen in the XBLA version, and a freakin' level editor. Does that mean sharing community maps? That could be something special. Time to dust off the Steam account come the end of November.


    Here's the Super Meat Boy Soundtrack Instead of a Sequel

    Just a mere ten minutes into Super Meat Boy and I knew I was head over heels for the downloadable platformer of nearly insurmountable difficulty. It's fun, addicting, and while hard, you will always know that you die because you done goofed, not because the game is cheap. 

    Sadly, the incredible work of art that is Super Meat Boy will not be seeing a sequel.. Yet. Speaking with Eurogamer, developers Team Meat have revealed that their next game will be a totally new IP. Fortunately, no where in the interview did Team Meat state that Super Meat Boy 2 won't happen somewhere down the line. That looks like a glimmer of hope to me! 

    In related-but-unrelated news, SMB's incredibly amping soundtrack is now available for download. You can name your own price, but you can't go any lower than $3.99, cheapskate. This is 33 jumpin' and heart pumpin' tracks, I think the least you could do is cough up five bucks. 

    Super Meat Boy Soundtrack


    REVIEW: Super Meat Boy

    Disclaimer: The following review may unintentionally contain excerpts which some readers may find inappropriate yet hilarious. Any use of the word "meat" in a giggle-inciting manner has not been done on purpose. That said, are you ready throw throw your Meat headfirst into a gauntlet of circular saws?! 

    Click to read more ...


    This Super Meat Boy Commercial is Deliciously 90's

    Super Meat Boy
    is one of those games I feel like I've been hearing about for years but has never quite come around. The quirky art style, colorful characters, and punishing platforming are a recipe for success. Every time the latest Super Meat Boy news leaks, I felt like I was being teased and led on. I just want to play the game already!

    Well, the time has just about come, as the indie gem with Newgrounds roots is right around the corner, less than a week from release. A talented individual has decided to take the marketing for Super Meat Boy into his own hands, creating an hip and egdy (for the time) 90's retro commercial. I hope these throwback commercials continue their popularity, because they're awesome.

    This home-brewed ad is the last straw for me. I need some Meat Boy in my life. In case the thought of playing as a Meat Wad (no relation) is a little repulsive to you, the developers got your back. Somehow, they've managed to squeeze in tons of characters from other indie games, such as Tim from Braid, Ninja from N+, Gish, Alien Hominid, and a Castle Crashers Knight, each with their own special powers. 

    Oh yeah, replay value and multiple ways to take on the platforming. Team Meat knows what we like, and they're going to give it to us come October 20th.