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    Shank 2: A Probable Get

    In case you may not have heard, Shank 2 has released! As I toil away here at work, I am imagining what it would be like to put on the bandana (and chainsaw, and machete, and shotgun, and pistols, etc) again. Just the thought is making me glow like a New Jersian guido.

    The original Shank was a wild romp of blood, weaponry, and style; three things that rank highly on my food chart of consumable dopeness. Look for a review up here very soon, but in the mean time you should probably play it yourself. With better visuals, more ridiculous scenarios, outrageous costumes, and tightened gameplay, I think Shank 2 will be worth your $10. 


    Review: Shank

    If you've been following Otaku But Gangsta the past few weeks, you know that I've had a hard time shutting up about Shank. The XBLA and PSN downloadable title was tickling my fancy as release day approached, and developers Klei did a nice job of keeping those interested, such as myself, drawn in. They released the game's full soundtrack, slowly unearthed alternate costumes on the game's website, and revealed the methods to unlocking them via Twitter. A few days before release, I felt a bit dirty because of how much I was buying into a game I've never played, and for all I knew, could have been a complete bomb. Am I still a Shank skank after playing the game? 

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    In A Perfect World, Shank's First DLC Costume Would Be This

    So, what can we do about making this Shank's first downloadable costume, Klei? 

    Snowball's chance in hell, I know. But how awesome would it be to play as Brock freakin' Samson

    While I know this idea will never come to fruition, I do love the massive amount of character skins the game lets you choose from, but as any glutton would tell you, moar is better. 

    Which Shank skins do you want to see?

    Shank is out today on PSN and tomorrow on XBLA.

    And I promise, you won't hear another peep from me about Shank until it's review time.


    Shank's Soundtrack is Killer


    I've been all about Shank the past few weeks, pacing back and forth like an unsatiated fiend waiting for my fix. And while I still have a little more than a day to wait before I dish out revenge in the form of style and pain, developers Klei has made the wait that much easier (or more painful) by releasing Shank's full soundtrack

    Listen to it. Even if you're not interested in this game, you should listen to it. This soundtrack could easily score Robert Rodriguez's next Mexican shoot'em-up. While it is possible to download each file individually (without proper metadata) Klei assures we'll have a full zip file very soon. Hopefully with some proper labeling and track numbering, but even if not, it's 13 tracks of quality music, for free. Can't complain. Can't wait to hear these tracks in context. Can't stop thinking about Shank.

    Shank - Original Video Game Soundtrack by Suite803


    One Word; Shank

    Developers Klei have found something in Shank that has triggered somewhat of a euphoric explosion in my brain. Yeah, really. The anticipation for this game has been slowly building and now, five days before it's release, I really can't wait to play this shit.

    Let's act out a fantasy of Doctor Moreau real quick. Ready? I'm gonna take the art of the Venture Brothers, stitch on the musical brilliance of a modern Morricone, and add the style and savvy of a Robert Rodriguez south-western. Interested? Co-op (the second player looks like Danny Trejo,) multiple character skins (dibs on Jim Kelly,) style, gore, challenge, replay value, and all the other good things in life. Impressed yet? And it's a $15 downloadable title. Yeah, now you're amazed. If Cheech makes a cameo Shank might just reach fuckin' legend status.

    By the way, Klei is being brutal enough to release Shank's masterful soundtrack free of charge, here. All it took was 3,000 people to 'like' Shank's Facebook fan page. That was easy. Three hours later, we see why the interwebz can be a beautiful place when netizens work together.

    Less than a week until Shank is ready to gut his way into your home and let you take revenge into your own hands. I'm ready, you should be too. If you're not, I'll leave you with my favorite Shank trailer to date. Adios.