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    TGS 2010: Yakuza: Of The End Extended Gameplay

    After previously turning a cautious eye to Yakuza: Of the End, this new game play trailer courtesy of makes me feel a little more settled with Yakuza's latest chapter. Where the series is dedicated to portraying a realistic crime drama (with the exception of Yakuza: Kenzan!) the developers expressed their interest in trying something new, so they take on the third person shooter genre and add a zombies to the mix.

    While past Yakuza games have been dead serious, Of the End seems to take a more light hearted approach, which is something I can't hate on. I shouldn't hold a grudge on a series for trying something new to freshen things up, while retaining many of the elements that have made previous titles in the Yakuzaverse so charming.

    As time passes, I'm becoming more comfortable with Yakuza: Of the End. The first news was a little concerning. The story trailer didn't look so bad. And now the game play looks hilarious and fun. I think Sega always knows how to win me over.


    TGS 2010: Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

    Here's some new footage for the much anticipated Bionic Commando Rearmed 2. Also, mustache

    Rearmed 2 panders to those of us who need a jumping function in side scrollers. Sure it makes it a little easier, but Capcom reassures that players who want a challenge will be able to complete the game from front to end without using the jump button at all. Aw, Capcom, always thinking about us! 


    TGS 2010: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Light Controls

    See that monstrosity in the header image? You remember it, don't you? That is an actual control, for an actual game. Steel Battalion for the original Xbox cost a shitload of money, but for the price you pay, you get a piece of gaming history. One of the most complex pieces of game hardware ever made, next to the Atari Jaguar controller. 

    A hardcore game needs a hardcore controller, and that's exactly what you got in Steel Battalion. A game so gangsta, that as your mech was about to explode, if you didn't flip the safety glass and slam on the flashing red eject button on your control's dashboard, your save file was permanently deleted. Gangsta

    Now that Capcom has announced a sequel, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, we're all awaiting the needlessly complex control scheme. Except we're not getting one. I am disappoint. Heavy Armor will function solely with the Kinect system. So, the most complex control scheme ever created becomes the most simplistic in one fell swoop. How do they plan to market the hardcore mech action to the casual gamer Kinect focuses on? Who knows man, who knows.

    Rest in peace, Steel Batallion controller. We hardly knew ye.



    TGS 2010: Shadow of the Colossus and Ico Collection

    The rumored Ico and Shadow of the Colossus collection was finally confirmed earlier this week, and gamers everywhere could not be happier.

    Fans of both games, created by Team Ico, will finally get a chance to play these beautiful, jarring titles on their PS3, in full high definition glory. The graphics are getting an update to make sure they look as lovely on the PS3 as they did on it's predecessor. And though the visuals wont be completely redone, the games themselves are so good, that even releasing them untouched from their PS2 form would be welcome. Being able to play these two masterpieces in HD is very welcomed.

    If you've played neither Shadow of the Colossus or Ico, this two for one package, due in Spring 2011, should not be missed. This is beautiful gaming at it's purest. Enjoy it.


    TGS 2010: Hey Pop Culture, Your Zombies are in My Yakuza Series

    , what? The cult favorite has taken a turn for the unexpected by focusing on zombies for the latest entry in the crime drama series, Yakuza Of The End. The news came about a few days ago but I was in too much of a dumbstruck awe to write anything intelligible on the subject. Even now, I'm fighting my hardest not to break down into a Neanderthalistic rage of nonsensical screaming. 

    The Yakuza series, which seemed more like a prime-time NHK drama than a game, with the addition of zombies and craziness of the sort, now seem more like a Takashi Miike movie than anything else. My first reaction to this marked new direction was a nice, hearty face palm.

    Now, a few days later, more information is leaking out and it makes me wonder if maybe Sega is taking Of The End down the zombie route for light hearted purposes. Aside from things like cybernetic Gatling gun arms, you'll be able to enjoy typical Yakuza mini-games, such as batting cages, ping pong with sexy ladies, karaoke, and of course, visiting the hostess bars.

    I won't write Of The End off yet, as much as I want to. With the game shifting to more shooter heavy play, and the possibility of four player co-op, there's still hope for this game.


    TGS 2010: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Woos You for Seven Minutes

    In a final push for your attention and preorders, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has released a new trailer from Tokyo Game Show. The trailer might as well be considered a short film, as it weighs in at a meaty seven minutes. Fans of Castlevania games will enjoy it though, since it's packed with awesome tidbits to look forward to. Outed primarily for the title's Japanese release in December, of course the western crowd can use it as a decision maker for the game's stateside due date, in a few short weeks.

    Needless to say I'm excited for this game. I didn't need the lengthy trailer to make up my mind, it's a day one buy for sure. I still don't know whether or not I can consider it a true Castlevania game, but even out of context, it just looks epic and enjoyable.

    Preorder from Amazon and get $20 credit. Holla!


    TGS 2010: Devil May Cry Shoots, Slashes, Changes Hair

    Capcom Japan has enlisted the help of Capcom USA and developers Ninja Theory (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Heavenly Sword) to reboot one of their classic series, Devil May Cry

    Devil May Cry's attitude-having star, Dante, has undergone some serious changes from when we last saw him. Notably younger, thinner, a whole lot more beat up, and he seems to have lost his signature white hair. This new Dante, with his shoddy European/Japanese punk influenced attire, badly abused face, and emo flop hair looks to be more suited for a supporting role in Trainspotting than Devil May Cry, but don't let looks deceive you. He kicks ass just like the Leon Kennedy-haired Dante of old, so there should be no real reason for concern. Fanboys, however, will always find something to bitch about.

    Change it seems is hardly ever welcome in gaming, so it's no surprise that the new look has DMC supporters taken aback. Who knew the white mop top was such a hit with kids these days? Dante's makeover might not be familiar territory, but come on, it doesn't look bad. Besides, he's much younger than he was in previous titles, so who's to say there won't be storyline to describe why, if his hair turns white?

    The bottom line, before all else, should be that Dante plays like Dante. And if the trailer is any indication, it looks like he will. My problem with Heavenly Sword was that it played a bit too wonky and unrefined. It looks like Ninja Theory fixed that problem with Enslaved, but they screwed up the character designs. With Capcom and key members from the original DMC games closely involved in the reboot, I think gamers should feel comfortable knowing that this title will deliver. 

    Devil May Cry Gallery (7 images)


    TGS 2010: Asura's Wrath, or God Hand of War

    You know how much I love games that blend religious themes with eight ounces of mindfuck to create something unique, right? That's exactly why Asura's Wrath is giving me goosebumps. 

    Capcom has collaborated with CyberConnect2 (developers of .hack and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja) to develop the third-person action title which looks to be loosely based on the ultra-violent past times of Buddhist deities, you know, when they're not busy being in Nirvana. Nice!

    The action is as we like it: flashy, ridiculous and overdone, with the seemingly immortal protagonist running through a torrential downpour of spears to unleash divine justice on anything standing between him and his bearded counterpart. And then something amazing happens. Galactic Buddha Finger. Oh, my, GOD. This could be one of gaming's greatest moments, no lie. 

    Asura's Wrath looks like a mix of God of War and God Hand. God Hand of War?! Hell yeah. CyberConnect2's influence is clearly visible throughout, and it's nice to see their hyper-stylized action sequences in something aside from a Naruto game for once. I am eagerly anticipating updates for this title, and I'll post 'em as I get 'em.

    Asura's Wrath Gallery (6 images)


    TGS 2010: Shadows of the Damned introduces Gaming's Holy Trinity

    Goichi Suda
    , also known as Suda51, the idealistic creator whose ahead of the curve ideas has spawned titles such as Killer7 and the No More Heroes series. Shinji Mikami, former Capcom ace and mind behind iconic titles such as the Resident Evil series, and more recently, the hotly anticipated Vanquish. Akira Yamaoka, one of gaming's greatest composers, known primarily for his one of a kind work in the Silent Hill series. 

    These three fine gentlemen have decided to form gaming's Holy Trinity of sorts, pooling their talents to create Shadows of the Damned, an action/horror title where the protagonist dives into a world controlled by demons to get his girlfriend back. The premise may be a little cliche, but any game that involves one of either Suda, Mikami, or Yamaoka deserves to be noticed. This game, involving all three of them, will have the chance to reach epic proportions. 

    Shadows of the Damned's release trailer has a little bit of everything for fans of the above. It feels like a mix of Silent Hill and Resident Evil 4, with a bit of some grindhouse films thrown in for awesome. Gaming's Holy Trinity, with EA Games behind them, looks to make a huge splash in 2011, and hopefully, far beyond.

    Shadows of the Damned gallery (5 images)