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    Sonic 4 Lights Up Your Life

    Growing up, there were some things you could not separate me from. Forging my gangsta by listening to classic hip hop, molding my geek by playing video games, and refining my palette by eating raw dough. Don't front, you know you ate it too. As a hardcore gamer in training, I tried to own, play, and love every system I could, and I did for the most part, but for some strange reason, I was always a Sega fanboy. 

    Maybe it's because I didn't need a game to entertain myself with the Master System, or because I didn't need blood codes to indulge in some fine gore, or because Sonic was an infinitely cooler mascot than Mario, who knows, but I miss Sega's heyday. Being a throwback to classic Sega vs. Nintendo days is probably why I'm so excited for Sonic 4. That and the fact that solid hedgehog games have been hard to come across since Sonic Adventure (which coincidentally is available to download on XBLA or PSN.)

    Sonic 4 hearkens back to the two dimensional speed, spins, jumps, tilts, and power ups of classic Sonic the Hedgehog gaming, while infusing some elements of the newer Sonic titles, all sexy and high definition. It's really good stuff. Don't believe me, see for yourself in the attached trailer for the Casino Street Zone. It's just like the incredibly designed Casino Night Zone of Sonic 2, except, well, street. I can dig that, streets are gangsta.

    So Sega, when are we getting Sonic Spinball HD? I'll just keep my fingers crossed for that one.


    TGS 2010: Yakuza: Of The End Extended Gameplay

    After previously turning a cautious eye to Yakuza: Of the End, this new game play trailer courtesy of makes me feel a little more settled with Yakuza's latest chapter. Where the series is dedicated to portraying a realistic crime drama (with the exception of Yakuza: Kenzan!) the developers expressed their interest in trying something new, so they take on the third person shooter genre and add a zombies to the mix.

    While past Yakuza games have been dead serious, Of the End seems to take a more light hearted approach, which is something I can't hate on. I shouldn't hold a grudge on a series for trying something new to freshen things up, while retaining many of the elements that have made previous titles in the Yakuzaverse so charming.

    As time passes, I'm becoming more comfortable with Yakuza: Of the End. The first news was a little concerning. The story trailer didn't look so bad. And now the game play looks hilarious and fun. I think Sega always knows how to win me over.


    TGS 2010: Hey Pop Culture, Your Zombies are in My Yakuza Series

    , what? The cult favorite has taken a turn for the unexpected by focusing on zombies for the latest entry in the crime drama series, Yakuza Of The End. The news came about a few days ago but I was in too much of a dumbstruck awe to write anything intelligible on the subject. Even now, I'm fighting my hardest not to break down into a Neanderthalistic rage of nonsensical screaming. 

    The Yakuza series, which seemed more like a prime-time NHK drama than a game, with the addition of zombies and craziness of the sort, now seem more like a Takashi Miike movie than anything else. My first reaction to this marked new direction was a nice, hearty face palm.

    Now, a few days later, more information is leaking out and it makes me wonder if maybe Sega is taking Of The End down the zombie route for light hearted purposes. Aside from things like cybernetic Gatling gun arms, you'll be able to enjoy typical Yakuza mini-games, such as batting cages, ping pong with sexy ladies, karaoke, and of course, visiting the hostess bars.

    I won't write Of The End off yet, as much as I want to. With the game shifting to more shooter heavy play, and the possibility of four player co-op, there's still hope for this game.


    Vanquish Demo is a Velocity Attack

    I wish I could tell you I have a complete grasp of what's going on in the Vanquish demo. I can't, but that doesn't mean I didn't have a hell of a time playing it. I think to comprehend Vanquish in it's entirety, I'd have to be on either coke or speed, and hope my brain would function at the sufficient level of 300%, thus making the game's electric pace seem more like a Sunday morning stroll through Central Park. 

    The demo's subtitle is Velocity Attack, and I don't think it can be summed in two words any better that. Right from the start of things, you're tossed into a world of perpetual fast forward, where the only thing more helpful than shooting things, is moving really fast, or at times, really slow. Some points of observation:

    + Feels like a shooter with racing game mechanics
    Flashy style with intense action and bullet time makes for cinematic gameplay
    + Learning curve, rewarding results 
    Scoring system adds leaderboard competitiveness and replayability
    Language choices for voices/subtitles/menus - Japanese voice acting wins

    - HUD is too busy, limits field of view
    Subtitles for comms during in-game action are huge and distracting
    - Gruff English voice acting is abrasive, Sam's voice especially
    - You can only evade in four directions from the point you're on, vertically and horizontally

    I took a quick look at the button config and jumped right into battle. I struggled a bit, so after
    completing it, I went through the tutorial, got a grasp on things and played again, performing
    at a much more respectable clip. Once you get a hang of the action and controls, the game
    becomes a ballet of augmented reaction, transforming guns, headspins, and cigarettes.

    If you were unaware or unsure of Vanquish, give the demo a shot. Fans of stylized action will be
    ready for more come October 19th.


    Preorder Vanquish From Amazon, Get More Guns

    Platinum's next big thing, Vanquish, has released fresh footage, dedicated to getting you to preorder for some goodies. The action flosses three exclusive weapons; the Laser Cannon, the Anti-Armor Pistol, and the Boost Machine Gun. True tools of destruction worthy only of those heroes brave enough to preorder.

    Trailer releases to plug preorder bonuses are nothing new, Gamestop has been using this old ploy for what seems like ages now. The curve ball this time, however, is that you have to preorder through Amazon to get these shape reconstructing armaments. I've been strictly buying games from Amazon for almost a year now, as they usually offer $10-$20 credit toward future game purchases, and with their Prime program, release date delivery costs you no extra. So for me, this preorder bonus seems like a no-brainer. 

    Vanquish slides into your home on October 19th. If you're still on the fence about this wild thrill ride, you're absolutely mad! You can also download the demo on September 2nd to give yourself a good month to realize you've got a loose gasket for sleeping on this title.


    E3: Vanquish

    Vanquish, is a very cool sounding word. Say it with me, Vanquish. I think we sound noble, yet deadly. Vanquish. Vanquish is more than just an awesome word. It's Sega and Platinum Games answer to Gears of War. And that answer is on just about every amphetamine you can imagine. This thing is pumped! The voice acting is a concern, as is the story, but it looks like the action could quite possibly make up for those flaws. Look at the vibrancy, the frantic pace, the weaponry, the giant baddies, and the swarmer missiles. Gods, I fucking love swarmer missiles. Watch the trailer. If you're not excited to sit down and play this game, watch the trailer again. If you're still not excited to get your hands on this thing, you're quite possibly deaf and blind.


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