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    A Few Seconds of Mark of the Ninja Impresses

    What we have here is a very short sample of what we can expect from Mark of the Ninja, Klei Entertainment's next release. On the heels of Shank 2, which I expected so much more from, Klei has decided to shift gears to the rarely explored 2D stealth genre, which seems a bit illogical following two B-movie inspired gore fests. Before I sound too much like I'm complaining, I should point out I'm melting at every sight and sound of Mark of the Ninja. Why? Let's see:

    1. Ninjas
    2. Choose your own play style: kill em all or kill no one at all
    3. Klei's incredible signature art and animation
    4. Ninjas
    5. Ridiculously ambient soundtrack, judging from the trailer

    Many E3 accounts have pegged Mark of the Ninja as one of the best looking titles on the show floor, a fact that I'm not willing to dispute at this time. Thankfully, the title's release is right around the corner, with a solid date of 'Summer 2012' which I'm sure means September sometime. Hurry up and download to my Xbox, Ninja!


    Shank 2: A Cut Below the First

    Last year, Shank crept up on me as a wicked little downloadable title about a revenge fueled killer with a penchant for style. A year later, the understandable success of the original has spawned Shank 2, a delicious yet familiar romp around a lovely, stylized 2D world. Are there enough additions to set the sequel apart from the first?

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    Mark of the Ninja Teases, Pleases

    Klei Entertainment, the smartypantses behind Shank and Shank 2, are at it again. Today they've released a teaser for Mark of the Ninja - a stylish, 2D ninja stealth action title. See for yourself here. It's a cool little text adventure that rewards a teaser for those who think and play as a ninja truly would. You may be asking why have I not embedded that trailer here for ease? Because the text adventure is half of the hotness. Play it, then revel in the brief awesomeness that ensues. 

    I like Klei. And though I was a little let down with Shank 2 (review coming soon), I'm stoked for Mark of the Ninja. Because ninjas, god dammit. Also because Klei's art and animation is tops. With an aggressive release date of Summer 2012, we will all be marked very soon.

    Mark of the Ninja (Text Adventure)


    Shank 2: A Probable Get

    In case you may not have heard, Shank 2 has released! As I toil away here at work, I am imagining what it would be like to put on the bandana (and chainsaw, and machete, and shotgun, and pistols, etc) again. Just the thought is making me glow like a New Jersian guido.

    The original Shank was a wild romp of blood, weaponry, and style; three things that rank highly on my food chart of consumable dopeness. Look for a review up here very soon, but in the mean time you should probably play it yourself. With better visuals, more ridiculous scenarios, outrageous costumes, and tightened gameplay, I think Shank 2 will be worth your $10. 


    Shank 2: Revenge Returns

    was one of my favorite downloadable games released last year. The art, animation, music, and gory, stylized action was too much for me to turn down. I knew the game sold well, much deserved too, but I honestly didn't expect this: Shank 2. Fuck, yes. 

    Apparently, developers Klei have reworked just about everything from the ground up without sacrificing that certain je ne sais quois (see: viscera) that made the original a blast to play. Aside from added weapons and control tweaks which make the game better to play (full 360-degree shooting) there are also some logical advancements in gameplay such as the inclusion of counter-attacks and better thought out platforming. Neither of these inclusions are critical, but it's nice to know Klei is dedicated to mastering their little Southwestern gold mine of revenge. Also, co-op survival mode, because why the hell not? My only dislike thus far is that the initial trailer for Shank 2 seems very uninspired, especially considering this trailer for the original that gave me chills, yo.

    Destructoid was lucky enough to spend some hands on time with Shank 2, and come away from the splatterfest with good vibes. However I need no preview, I've been sold on this sequel since August of last year. If you've yet to play the original, it be on sale for 600MSP (marked down from 1200MSP) on Xbox LIVE Arcade, so I suggest you buy the hell out of it. 

    Shank 2 is set for early next year on XBLA, PSN, and PC. So Klei, are we going to see a Brock Samson skin this time around?


    Review: Shank

    If you've been following Otaku But Gangsta the past few weeks, you know that I've had a hard time shutting up about Shank. The XBLA and PSN downloadable title was tickling my fancy as release day approached, and developers Klei did a nice job of keeping those interested, such as myself, drawn in. They released the game's full soundtrack, slowly unearthed alternate costumes on the game's website, and revealed the methods to unlocking them via Twitter. A few days before release, I felt a bit dirty because of how much I was buying into a game I've never played, and for all I knew, could have been a complete bomb. Am I still a Shank skank after playing the game? 

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    One Word; Shank

    Developers Klei have found something in Shank that has triggered somewhat of a euphoric explosion in my brain. Yeah, really. The anticipation for this game has been slowly building and now, five days before it's release, I really can't wait to play this shit.

    Let's act out a fantasy of Doctor Moreau real quick. Ready? I'm gonna take the art of the Venture Brothers, stitch on the musical brilliance of a modern Morricone, and add the style and savvy of a Robert Rodriguez south-western. Interested? Co-op (the second player looks like Danny Trejo,) multiple character skins (dibs on Jim Kelly,) style, gore, challenge, replay value, and all the other good things in life. Impressed yet? And it's a $15 downloadable title. Yeah, now you're amazed. If Cheech makes a cameo Shank might just reach fuckin' legend status.

    By the way, Klei is being brutal enough to release Shank's masterful soundtrack free of charge, here. All it took was 3,000 people to 'like' Shank's Facebook fan page. That was easy. Three hours later, we see why the interwebz can be a beautiful place when netizens work together.

    Less than a week until Shank is ready to gut his way into your home and let you take revenge into your own hands. I'm ready, you should be too. If you're not, I'll leave you with my favorite Shank trailer to date. Adios.