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    Timekillers: The Past Week in Brief

    What up, suckas- I mean, dear dear readers! I just flew in from Amsterdam last night and I'm in desperate need of a recharge, but moreso than that, you're in desperate need of me to tell you to look at things! Most of what's contained within is old news that I missed (which I'm posting regardles of whether or not you missed it as well), so it will be conveniently re-blogged for your viewing pleasure:

    That's all I got. Time for a jet-lag induced nap. 


    Retro City Rampaging Across All Formats!

    Well, almost all formats.

    Remember that update that Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano promised us last week? It came today, and it is a good one. No longer will you be confined to experiencing the throwback madness on XBLA and WiiWare, but now also on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Network, and of course Steam. How's that for a doozy? And the Steam version is chock full of bonus goodies that will make any multi-console owner lean toward picking up that PC copy. Feel the burn, iOS/Android gamers!

    So sit back, relax, watch this latest trailer - which is another frantic ode to the 80s that RCR has just about mastered - and wait for the spring release date. Preorder that bitch right here


    Retro City Rampage Release Reveal Date?

    Brian Provinciano is a fucking beast. As the man behind my much hyped Retro City Rampage, dude has been putting in work in a multitude of ways. Though there is one particular bone he hasn't thrown us, a release date. Brian and Phil Fish of indie platformer Fez are probably sitting at a wooden roundtable adorned with goats heads, candles, and naked virgins, both cackling madly as they keep their fan bases dangling in suspense.

    This here is the latest teaser for Retro City Rampage. It doesn't feature anything new or amazing aside from the 8-bit 1980's lunacy that originally suckered us in. It does, however, have a big 'but' that would make Sir Mix-a-lot pop wood. A very committed non-committal date of February 20, less than two weeks from today.

    What could it be? A release date? A reveal of the release date? An incredible trolling? I have no clue, but I am freaking PUMPED for it. This vein on my forehead is ready to burst! Damn you, your beastly ways, and the hemorrhage you are about to cause me, Brian Provinciano! 

    Edit: A lot of people would be extremely happy to have a Steam version of RCR announced on two-twenty, and you know what? I don't blame them. That would be an awesome addition to this already amazing appearing title.


    Retro City Rampage Has Good News and Bad News

    So which do you want first, the good or the bad? Fuck it, you're getting the bad news first, so deal with it! Retro City Rampage has been delayed until summer 2011. Dammit! That's an awful long time to wait for what looks like the greatest 80's nostalgia orgy since The Expendables.

    To make up for the delay, the game will see some additions, such as more missions and extra playable characters. The Xbox 360 version will also include dopeness such as widescreen support, character creation, video replay, and challenge modes. Wait, did I just say Xbox 360?! Yes, that's your good news, the game has been officially announced for Xbox Live Arcade. As if the nifty header image wasn't clue enough. 

    Actually, I guess if you're a Wii fan you get double bad news. The Wiiware version of Retro City Rampage wont release until Fall 2011. Creator Brian Provinciano apologizes for the delay, but a dude's gotta eat, and apparently Wii exclusivity wont pay the bills. Sorry Wiitards!

    via Destructoid


    Retro Sountrack Rampage!

    You know about Retro City Rampage, right? If you don't then you should promptly kick yourself in the ass, but not until you get yourself up to speed.

    The old-school homage-fest has released a 10 minute music sampler, chock full of fun, hilarious, and oddly familiar scenes from the game itself. The soundtrack is composed by chiptune pros virt, Norrin Radd, and Freaky DNA. With the rise of the indy game, and the chiptunes reclaiming some of their former glory of late, let this sampler be music to your ears.

    And because you might not have to time or patience to sit through one video for more than 30 seconds, you can download the mixtape, as well as the theme song, right here. That way you can listen to it on your own accord. Everyone wins!


    Retro City Rampage; Throwback Fun and Radioactive Plumbers

    Hypothetical question: You're hanging out in the sewers, when all of a sudden, a radioactive plumber comes flying out of the nearest pipe and right at you! Sluggish to react, the plumber bites you on the arm! What do you now? Stomp really hard on someone's head, then throw his unconscious body into the sewer water, then go back above ground and stomp the shit out of anyone you can find, that's what. And that is exactly why I cannot wait for the 80's Easter egg hunt that is Retro City Rampage.

    Side note: how awesome is the music? 


    GC10: Retro City Rampage Just Blew My Mind

    Why isn't there more buzz about this game? It looks like a flaming hot heap of freakin' awesome! I have no idea what the hell is happening in the trailer, but I know it rocks.

    Retro City Rampage pays homage to tons of old school games including: Tron, Ninja Turtles, Metal Gear, Bionic Commando, The Legend of Zelda, Back to the Future, Skate or Die, Frogger, Contra, Super Mario Bros, Blaster Master, and Paperboy. I'm sure there's even more that I missed. Hidden in there are some other nods to the 80's, like Cheers, and Die Hard. 

    Maybe Retro City Rampage is just an 8-bit GTA clone littered with nostalgic nonsense, but damn! It looks like 88 miles-per-hour of mad fun down memory lane.