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    Fez Still Exists, Still Looks Amazing

    Way back when, I saw a trailer for a game that looked absolutely incredible. My goldfish memory had since long forgotten about said game, without any updates, screenshots, or trailers the indie title may have well been dead. 

    Last night, the fleeting memory of this once forgotten bit of indie amazingness kicked down the the door of my inner cortex, where it had been held hostage, and proceeded to slap the taste out of my mouth repeatedly. And I loved every second of it.

    Fez is not dead, thankfully. Developers Polytron are still hard at work finishing it up, being perfectionists I guess. When can we expect a release? Sometime in 2011 hopefully, but honestly, who knows. Are we willing to patiently wait? I dunno about you, but you bet your ass I am. Git 'er done, Polytron!

    Side note: Polytron has released some Fez 8-bit musical dopeness to tide us over. They care!


    Sonic 4 Lights Up Your Life

    Growing up, there were some things you could not separate me from. Forging my gangsta by listening to classic hip hop, molding my geek by playing video games, and refining my palette by eating raw dough. Don't front, you know you ate it too. As a hardcore gamer in training, I tried to own, play, and love every system I could, and I did for the most part, but for some strange reason, I was always a Sega fanboy. 

    Maybe it's because I didn't need a game to entertain myself with the Master System, or because I didn't need blood codes to indulge in some fine gore, or because Sonic was an infinitely cooler mascot than Mario, who knows, but I miss Sega's heyday. Being a throwback to classic Sega vs. Nintendo days is probably why I'm so excited for Sonic 4. That and the fact that solid hedgehog games have been hard to come across since Sonic Adventure (which coincidentally is available to download on XBLA or PSN.)

    Sonic 4 hearkens back to the two dimensional speed, spins, jumps, tilts, and power ups of classic Sonic the Hedgehog gaming, while infusing some elements of the newer Sonic titles, all sexy and high definition. It's really good stuff. Don't believe me, see for yourself in the attached trailer for the Casino Street Zone. It's just like the incredibly designed Casino Night Zone of Sonic 2, except, well, street. I can dig that, streets are gangsta.

    So Sega, when are we getting Sonic Spinball HD? I'll just keep my fingers crossed for that one.


    TGS 2010: Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

    Here's some new footage for the much anticipated Bionic Commando Rearmed 2. Also, mustache

    Rearmed 2 panders to those of us who need a jumping function in side scrollers. Sure it makes it a little easier, but Capcom reassures that players who want a challenge will be able to complete the game from front to end without using the jump button at all. Aw, Capcom, always thinking about us! 


    Review: Dead Rising: Case 0

    Capcom's quirky zombie apocalypse series, Dead Rising, is known for it's happy-go-lucky take on slaughtering the undead, and using anything as a weapon. The first entry in the series was well enough received to warrant a sequel. And while Dead Rising 2 is a little under a month away, Capcom offers fans a chance to whet their necromorph killing whistle with the downloadable prequel, Dead Rising: Case 0. Is the rending of rotting flesh worth five dollars?

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    Review: Shank

    If you've been following Otaku But Gangsta the past few weeks, you know that I've had a hard time shutting up about Shank. The XBLA and PSN downloadable title was tickling my fancy as release day approached, and developers Klei did a nice job of keeping those interested, such as myself, drawn in. They released the game's full soundtrack, slowly unearthed alternate costumes on the game's website, and revealed the methods to unlocking them via Twitter. A few days before release, I felt a bit dirty because of how much I was buying into a game I've never played, and for all I knew, could have been a complete bomb. Am I still a Shank skank after playing the game? 

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    Shank's Soundtrack is Killer


    I've been all about Shank the past few weeks, pacing back and forth like an unsatiated fiend waiting for my fix. And while I still have a little more than a day to wait before I dish out revenge in the form of style and pain, developers Klei has made the wait that much easier (or more painful) by releasing Shank's full soundtrack

    Listen to it. Even if you're not interested in this game, you should listen to it. This soundtrack could easily score Robert Rodriguez's next Mexican shoot'em-up. While it is possible to download each file individually (without proper metadata) Klei assures we'll have a full zip file very soon. Hopefully with some proper labeling and track numbering, but even if not, it's 13 tracks of quality music, for free. Can't complain. Can't wait to hear these tracks in context. Can't stop thinking about Shank.

    Shank - Original Video Game Soundtrack by Suite803


    One Word; Shank

    Developers Klei have found something in Shank that has triggered somewhat of a euphoric explosion in my brain. Yeah, really. The anticipation for this game has been slowly building and now, five days before it's release, I really can't wait to play this shit.

    Let's act out a fantasy of Doctor Moreau real quick. Ready? I'm gonna take the art of the Venture Brothers, stitch on the musical brilliance of a modern Morricone, and add the style and savvy of a Robert Rodriguez south-western. Interested? Co-op (the second player looks like Danny Trejo,) multiple character skins (dibs on Jim Kelly,) style, gore, challenge, replay value, and all the other good things in life. Impressed yet? And it's a $15 downloadable title. Yeah, now you're amazed. If Cheech makes a cameo Shank might just reach fuckin' legend status.

    By the way, Klei is being brutal enough to release Shank's masterful soundtrack free of charge, here. All it took was 3,000 people to 'like' Shank's Facebook fan page. That was easy. Three hours later, we see why the interwebz can be a beautiful place when netizens work together.

    Less than a week until Shank is ready to gut his way into your home and let you take revenge into your own hands. I'm ready, you should be too. If you're not, I'll leave you with my favorite Shank trailer to date. Adios.



    Review: Limbo

    This year's highly self-touted Summer of Arcade saw a pair of releases that caught my eye the way Xbox Live Arcade games rarely do. After spending my sparse free time the past two weeks thumbs deep in the XBLA, here is my late-albeit-great take on Limbo.

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